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Some Infrequent Questions As Well......

Are all of our animals rescued?

Whilst we are a sanctuary for chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys that need a new home and it is true we have many of these at the farm, the majority of our animals have been purchased by us either as farm pets or to lay eggs to fund feed for everyone. We do, however, ensure that any and all donations received towards the bird feed (whether monetary or foodstuff) go solely towards the birds. 

Are we a registered charity?

Bag End Farm is not a registered charity as we do not meet the eligibility critera for the amount of donations received. Instead we are a not for profit organisation administered though a Limited Company. We do not take a wage from any income made, it all goes to fund housing and feed for the animals.

Are we open to the general public?

Unfortunately we are not open to the general public as our insurances do not cover that. We also have to be mindful of the various animal helath measures required for Avian Flu, Bluetongue etc.

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